How Is a Year of Writing Going?

After my last post you’re probably wondering how my year of writing is going.

Not as badly as I feared and not as good as I hoped. I haven’t gotten much story writing done the last few days, but I did write my “Hugo” review and also a few random pieces for myself. I’m trying to remind myself that my writing doesn’t always have to be productive, sometimes writing just for the sake of writing is alright.

Though I would like to make some headway with my stories. I really want to polish up my Alternate Reality, Victorian, Action Adventure, Comedy, Steampunkish novel. I’d also like to begin developing a short story I wrote a little while ago. It was quite¬†brilliant! Thus I’m terrified to start expanding for fear I’ll ruin it.

So I’ve missed a few days of writing, but on the whole I’m not doing too bad.

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