The Writer’s World

Writing isn’t just something one does, it’s a frame of mind. It’s a way of looking at the world. It’s a constant quest for ideas, beauty and inspiration. At least that’s how it is for me. It gives me a sense of purpose. I feel that I keep my eyes open wide for the slightest hint of inspiration. Instead of just looking at a thing and perhaps appreciating its beauty, I find myself thinking of what it reminds me of, where it takes me, what feeling and emotions it evokes. It just makes life so much more interesting. Richer.
Though it can be frustrating at times. There are times when a scene awaken’s a hint of inspiration in me. I know that it stirred something, but it’s gone before I can grasp it. It leaves a gnawing sense of loss as I try to remember what the split second feeling was. Then there are other times I see a thing and feel like I should be getting something from it, but I’m not. But there will always be frustration in life and so this does not really bother me. The quest for that idea that will become a story, or a part of a story is worth it. It’s an exciting journey.

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