My Idea Bouncer

Today I walked into my local coffee shop with my dad and was greeted by name, by the friendly owner who I’ve come to know over the last several months since they opened. I order a 12 oz Chia Tea and a chocolate muffin and Dad a 16oz peppermint tea. And it’s not long before we’re settled into two comfy chairs. We sip our drinks for a minute and chat and then I lean forward and brought the subject I really want to chat about.
“So I’m planning a New Year’s story. I’m thinking there’re going to be dragons in it.”
He asks a few questions. I throw out a couple ideas and soon we’re wrapped in conversation.
This is my favorite way to brainstorm. If you can find someone who you can bounce ideas off of and will add their own ideas you are truly blessed.
Some of the ideas we threw out were ridiculous, but we explored them just for the fun of it and some, in the end, actually led to possibilities. The truth is you shouldn’t be afraid to explore seemingly strange and ridiculous ideas, because often those are the most fun to write. And when you’re having fun you’re engaging more with your story and if you’re engaging your readers are more likely to enjoy it. And sometimes the ridiculous, strange idea can be woven into the story in such a way that it’s not as outlandish as it first appeared.
It’s important to have people in your life that you can bounce ideas off of. Sometimes they don’t even need to say anything, they just need to listen and you’ll work it out yourself, then thank them for doing nothing. But hearing your ideas spoken out loud, to another person and seeing their reaction and hearing their comments and ideas can take you to whole new places that you would never reach on your own. Many of my best story ideas have come from random ideas my dad has thrown out that have started working in my mind. When you start uttering the words “What if” anything is possible.

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