Snow Day

It’s early morning and the clouds are that shade of dark grey that only comes with snow. The ground and trees are covered in a thin layer of white, but the weather forecast is calling for more. Schools are canceled and areas that got a couple inches are calling it a winter storm. I’m certain that people who know what a winter storm is really like are laughing at us. I know I’m chuckling, though that doesn’t mean I’m going to risk driving down my hill in the snow.

But a little snow is a great excuse to stay home and enjoy the pretty view ^^

This is so true for Washington ^^

3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. LOL – I do agree with you that Washingtonian aren’t very well versed at driving in the snow, but with that being said – there are just over 14 inches outside my door this morning and I for one am a little giddy about being “snowed in” today – I haven’t had time for personal writing in weeks and being snowed in may just be my blessing in disguise!

    ~ M 🙂

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