Still Here!

I am actually still alive and writing. I’ve just been horrible about writing blog posts 😉
Washington is amazing this time of year. With the rain and warming weather everything is budding and growing and oh so green! It’s my favorite time of year. And with the nice weather I’m remembering one of my great loves, walking on the tide flats on our quite beach. The bluff is covered with the greenery of the big leafed maples and it’s breath taking. There’s a place past all the houses where the trees come right down to the beach and there are dead trees that have uprooted from the bluff lying along the sand. It’s quite and peaceful and the perfect place to sit and enjoy the the sun for awhile. Really it’s a little piece of paradise.
And not only is it gorgeous, but my creative mind starts working when I’m moving. I’ve worked out a lot of things while walking that beach.
Which is good because I’m in the process of creating a whole world for a new story. It’s quite a challenge and I need all the help I can.
I haven’t quite kept with my goal to write every day this year, but I am writing several times a week, which is a large improvement. So I feel I’m doing pretty good.
Anyway I will try to start updating my blog again. Enjoy!

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