I took a week off from my big picture story and wrote a short post apocalypse story. I decided that since my current project is likely pretty long term that I should give myself a little freedom to work on smaller projects as well. Writing my post apocalypse story was a lot of fun, I’ve been having the itch to try one recently.
It’s funny, five years ago when I first started writing seriously I thought I’d only end up writing high fantasy, but as I’ve gone along I’ve dabbled in modern fantasy, steampunk, vampire, and now post apocalypse. And I’m really glad I have, it’s a lot of fun trying out new genre’s and playing with new styles.
Speaking of new styles with my long term story I’ve been playing with first person narrative, something I’ve avoided like the plague for the most part. But I decided to give it a shot. When I started it felt weird and I didn’t like the voice I was projecting. But after some experimentation I discovered a pretty good style to do it in. Now I’m starting to get the hang of it, but I still think you need a character with an interesting personality to make first person work. If you don’t I find they tend to be rather dull. Patrick Rothfuss did a brilliant job writing from first person prospective in the ‘Name of the Wind,’ then there’s books like the ‘Hunger Games,’ which I think might have been better in third person.
Anyway write and learn 😉