Hand Writing

Alright who writings by hand these days? For years I’ve only written by hand occasionally when I have a quick idea or inspiration hits and I’m no where near my computer. But recently it’s seemed like I would get bored writing and things weren’t coming. I’d spend a long time just tapping the keys on my keyboard without actually hitting any. But about a month and a half ago I got this random idea for a Sci Fi story and decided to write down the idea in my notebook. And since then I haven’t stopped. 

I’m discovering that my writing seems to flow better when I write by hand. Maybe it’s the slower pace, or perhaps it’s the physical aspect, I’m not sure. Or it could just be that I’m not distracted by the internet lol. Whatever the case, I’m really getting into it.

My sister is under the impression that I’m a “romantic,” a nice way of saying old fashioned, because I’ve been writing by hand and obviously, it’s slower. I had to explain to her that when you’re a writer you’ll do anything that actually gets you writing. After all handwriting may be slower, but it’s a whole lot faster than not writing. I think she understands better now, even if she’s still shaking her head at me XD

I do find irony in the fact that I decided to go old school to write a Sci Fi. I mean honestly, why didn’t I start writing by hand when I was working on my prehistoric novel?…Though if I wanted to be accurate I’d probably have been scribbling my story out on a cave wall. So on second thought I’m happy I stuck with the computer on that one.

So word of advise, try changing the medium you use for writing from time to time. It could be that you need a change to attain a new prospective.

8 thoughts on “Hand Writing

  1. I almost always write my first draft by hand. I type much faster than I can construct a good sentence, and my fingers get ahead of my brain, and I just sort of stall. When I write by hand, I have time to contemplate each word and the next few, choose a better way to say it. It’s slower word-for-word, but it flows better, and I think it ends up being quicker in the long run. Typing is for edits.

    • I agree. My sister once called me a romantic for writing by hand. But I believe I actually write more in the long run. I can write anywhere and there aren’t all the distractions my computer holds. It’s also true about the flow, I think the slower pace gives the subconscious longer to decide what comes next.

      • For instance, right now, I’m trying to complete edits to a manuscript, and I’m replying to you instead! *terrible*
        I don’t know that longhand is romanticist in itself, but I am extraordinarily fond of my dip pens.

      • Oh yes, the internet the ultimate time waster. Haha I tried to explain to her why writing by hand was actually practical because it helped my flow, I’m not certain she believed me.
        I’d like to try dip pens someday, I think I’d like the sound and feel of them, it’d help get me in the writing mood. Which is probably part of the reason I just bought a typewriter.

      • I am so intensely jealous that your typewriter works. I picked one up from a church rummage sale once, a gorgeous Underwood, but it had been in someone’s garage since the ’30s and a squirrel had been using it to store pecans. It wasn’t reparable.

      • Aw. Bummer. At least it could still look pretty 😉
        I still need to find some ribbon for mine and figure out what all the knobs and buttons do. I’m still trying to figure out how to set the margin on it.

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