The Breakfast Club



I watched The Breakfast Club, for the first time today. When a friend of mine realized that I’d never seen it she looked aghast. “How have you never seen it? It’s a part of American culture!” Properly chastised, we quickly remedied my gap in 80s culture.

It was a pretty great movie. The characters all represented different cliches, and are fun and memorable.  My favorites were John the mostly hatable, some times lovable criminal who always has a smart remark and Alice the compulsive lier and kleptomania. It was a pretty great cast of characters and the contrast between characters made them all the more interesting.

Aside from being funny the movie had a surprising message about not taking people at face value and that if you actually get to know that person who seems so different, you might actually find you have more in common with them than you think, even if it’s only that you share in the same struggles.

It’s interesting that I ended up watching this now, because I’m currently reading a book called Ready Player One, which in short is about a man who creates a massive online multi player game in the future and before he dies creates a contest. Whoever wins the contest will inherit his multi billion dollar fortune. So millions of people become obsessed with winning this contest and one of the ways they prepare for this is by learning all they possibly can learn about 80s pop culture, because apparently the creator was totally obsessed with the 80s. It’s a total nerd book! And if that’s not a good enough reason to read it it defends on honor of the movie Ladyhawke, which is an awesome old fantasy movie and under appreciated. Anyway, getting off topic here. The point is it was fun watching the Breakfast Club while in the middle of a book where all the characters are completely obsessed with the 80s 😉 It’s reminded me that the 80s did have some pretty great movies XD

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