How Many Punks Can You Fit Into Speculative Fiction?

Alright does anyone else find the volume of Cyberpunk Derivatives intimidating? I’m well versed in Steampunk and am quite a fan of the genre, but today I decided to look up what Dieselpunk was, because I wasn’t familiar with it. I soon discovered that it’s a genre that takes its inspiration from the 1920s-1950s, much in the same way that Steampunk takes much of its inspiration from the Victorian era. I also learned that ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’ is considered dieselpunk, which up until this point I’d considered some strange steampunk hybrid. Well I’ve been set straight there. OO! And ‘The Rucketeer’ falls under this genre too! Great old movie, if you haven’t seen it ^^

From there I discovered that there is also Biopunk! which gets into genetic engineering. So it ends up the tv show Dark Angel falls under this genre. I’m still trying to figure out if there are other stipulations that have to be met,or if having your genetic makeup tampered with is enough to make you Biopunk.

Then there are all these other subgenres! There’s Decopunk which is like Dieselpunk except it’s sleeker, while Dieselpunk is grittier.

And there’s Nanopunk which is like Biopunk but with nanotechnology.

There’s Splatterpunk, which discribes starkly gory horror films. Once again I’m not certain if there’s more needed than excessive amounts of blood to make something Splatterpunk.

There’s Stonepunk which takes place in the stone age. I couldn’t imagine how this one worked until Wikipedia mentioned the Flintstones and then it all made sense.

We’ve also got Clockpunk, which seems to be identical to Steampunk, but focuses on the clocks instead of the steam…yeah.

There’s also Teslapunk, which focused on advanced electrical technology in a setting similar to the Industrial age. I guess it often has to do with clean energy that has been lost or hidden.

There’s Atompunk and Nowpunk which I didn’t get into.

There’s also Elfpunk! Now that brings up some interesting imagery. I guess it’s a subgenre of Urban Fantasy where elves, faires and the like are placed in an urban setting vs. their traditional rural. And there’s Mythpunk! Which at this point I really don’t care how it’s different from Elfpunk.

I meant for this to just be a brief rant on the many “punk” genres, but it ended up as an exercise to get it all sorted out in my brain. Anyway as you can see there are a lot of subgenres here, my goodness!

~~Lady of the Pen~~