Where do you Write?


Where do you write? I’m curious where different people do their best writing.

Personally, I do my best writing when I go to my favorite local coffee shop and bookstore. I find the action of going somewhere to write helps put me in the right mindset to actually get some writing done. Another perk is that I associate going to write with rewards, such as coffee and lovely cinnamon pull-aparts. The disadvantage is that after awhile I get to know the people at the coffee shop so well that I end up chatting with them for hours instead of writing–but hey, we’re usually talking about books and writing, so at least we’re on subject šŸ˜‰ But even with the distractions that pop up while I’m there, I still love going to write there and when I do write I usually get a lot done. I can write at home, but I find myself getting distracted and surfing the net or watching Tv more often than not. Come November I’ll be spending all my free time at the coffee shop, pounding out my word count for the day, but it will also force me to write at home more, since I have to write consistently everyday or else risk falling behind.

But I do do my best writing when I go out and find just the right atmosphere, not just any old coffee shop will do: It has to be the right size so that I can people watch, but not be completely distracted by their conversations; It has to have good music or else I will get annoyed and won’t be able to get into my writing; It also needs the right atmosphere, one that promotes comfort and creativity. So once I find a coffee shop I like, I’m extremely loyal.

So now that I’ve ranted about my preferred writing conditions, I’d be interested in hears what some other people’s are.

~~Lady of the Pen~~

One thought on “Where do you Write?

  1. There’s a comfy chair in a corner of the public library that’s my favorite writing spot. It’s tucked in a corner window where I can glance to my left and see outside down to the entrance of the children’s library. If I turn around in the chair and look out over the back I see the gazebo and well cared for gardens. It’s like being in a tree house open to the world, but totally private too. Next to the chair is a nice sturdy square side table to stack books and things I bring to have around me as inspiration (even if I never pick them up), and a table lamp. The only problem with this spot is, it’s probably a favorite of many because lately it’s taken already. And if that’s the case I don’t stay and write. I’ve tried but it’s just not the same.

    I’ve been pretty successful at quick scene writing in my car waiting for the ferry or in the time it takes to cross – usually 35 minutes. Gives me a great feeling of accomplishment…if I can keep from falling asleep!

    My best writing I do when I can meet my NaNo Buddy at her favorite coffee and book shop and go for a couple hours. But those times are few and far between these days and I don’t have a pal like her close to home. So I’m going to pretend that I do and “meet them” – either out and about or here at home – at a certain time every day and write. Because that is the bwrite thing to do.

    How about 1:00 pm ?

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