Branching Out!

I am pleased to announce I’m branching into stock photography. I’ve always like photography, but never really had a reason to pursue it. But lately I’ve been trying to think of ways to bring in some extra money and maybe some day be able to quit my 8-5 job and do something more creative. Travel photography sounds fun, but seems a bit allusive at my current level of skill. Wedding photography holds no appeal. But stock photography…The more I thought about it the more appealing it sounded. I have thousands of photos sitting on my hard drive–some from Israel, and Ireland–and nothing to do with them. I also have tons of old fun things I can take photos of; an old Royal typewriter, rusty keys, leather journals, steampunk props. So I’ve been experimenting. With some trial and error I’ve had my first couple of photos accepted to Shutterstock. Check out my profile. I’m pretty excited about this new outlet. I feel like it’s even helping with my writing, since it’s keeping me in a more productive, creative mind set.
Please wish me luck! And share my profile with anyone looking for stock photos. I’ll be adding more photos soon.

Happy New Year friends!

~Lady Of The Pen~



Beit Shean and the amazing Roman city of Scythopolis.

Good day loyal readers. I apologize for not writing regularly for the last few months, I’ve been distracted by adventure. I spent a couple of weeks overseas in Israel at the end of February. This was my first trip over the Pond and it turns out that large scale adventures take up a lot of time before you ever take to the air and once you’ve had them it takes time to recover and acclimate to ones normal life once more. So put simply I’ve been distracted and am attempting to return to a regular writing routine.

I’ve discovered that there are things in life that we know in our heads, but don’t truly become real for us until we see them for ourselves. For me it’s easy for faraway places to seem obscure and nearly fictional. Israel was a place I’ve read about, seen pictures of, and seen in movies, but to actually go there was a little like finding myself in Narnia (minus the magic and talking animals.) It was strange to exploring this country which I had ever only known second hand.


View of the Old City from The Mount of Olives

The landscape was very green this time of year and beautiful. I had more fun exploring ancient ruins than anyone has a right to have. I love old things and in Israel it’s hard to throw a rock without hitting something ancient. It’s amazing to see the remains of civilizations thousands of years old and get a small glimpse into how they must have lived. It made the past come a little more alive for me.


Streets of Jerusalem.

I learned new things, saw new places, and gained a broader perspective of the world and I know some of that will seep into my writing.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to Israel and I hope to travel more. For now I’ll continue to focus on my writing and see what the future brings.

~~Lady of the Pen~~